“Maestro Arbós” at the Spanish Embassy

Acknowledging the work of the musician, Enrique Fernández Arbós, in Berlin

June 04th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190604_Maestro Arbos.jpg

The Spanish Embassy organizes an exposition of Enrique Fernández Arbós titled: “Music and Avantgarde,” which will take place from 17.05 until 04.09.2019 in order to raise the awareness of the Spanish music tradition.

In order to acknowledge the artistic work of one of the most outstanding Spanish violinists and composers of the XX century, the Spanish Embassy had the initiative to promote the spread of the life and work of Maestro Arbós, violinist, pedagogue, conductor and composer, who used to be working in Berlin as a concertino and leader of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in the 1880’s during his kaleidoscopic and international career. Through the photographs, his musical score and writings and about and by him and his correspondence that are exposed in the Spanish Embassy’s exhibition hall, the exposition aims to pay tribute to the Spanish musician with an spectacular international career, but also to commemorate 80 years from his death, which occurred 2nd of June of 1939. 

The exhibition is curated by the professor and musician Martín Baeza-Rubio, currently the conductor and General Musical Director of the “Berlin Opera Chamber Orchestra” and since 2013 and he has devoted his academic work into the 16 years research of the Arbós biography and work, writing a 4000 pages thesis in order to keep the memory of this versatile artist alive.


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