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“Madre Natura”: Landscapes around Europe

Petra Cola, a Young Italian Photographer, is presenting her First Great Exhibition in Berlin

April 05th, 2016
Madre Naturaā€¯ ā€“ Landscapes Around Europe - PICTURE 1.jpg

“Madre Natura” - “Mother Nature”, is the title of the captivating photo-exposition of a young Italian artist. It will be taking place at the MAXIM Jugendkulturzentrum in Berlin.

As the title suggests, the theme of the exposition is Nature. Visitors will be able to see amazing pictures of landscapes that have been captured all around Europe. Petra Cola is the name of this young talented photographer from Bolzano – Italy who stands behind this exhibition. At the young age of 20, Petra has travelled the world whilst nurturing her passion for photography, which she specialized in at the Artistic High School in Italy. Her passion for photography has lead Petra to explore wonderful places across Europe, always carrying her camera, trying to immortalize the beauty nature has to offer. After traveling through Norway, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Spain to capture these incredible landscapes, she now ready to present her work to the public through an exhibition here in Berlin.

Photography is international. Everyone can appreciate it regardless of language, religion and culture. It has become very hard for artists to emerge, since an automatic camera is very easy to use. In order for a photographer to stand out, they need to be able to demonstrate originality and talent.

The exhibition opened to the public on April 7th with refreshments and live music from Martin Hagler, a German singer, songwriter and Sound-Designer and the exhibition will be available until May 12th.

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Madre Naturaā€¯ ā€“ Landscapes Around Europe - PICTURE 3.jpg

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