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Madagascar Showcases its Culture in Berlin

'A Song for All' music festival promoted the culture of Madagascar in Germany

June 30th, 2016

The festival 'Dein Sonf für Eine Welt', or 'A song for all' in English, took place in Berlin on the 14th of June to promote Malagasy culture.

The Malagasy Embassy in Berlin organized a music festival with the help of the German Ministry of Cooperation and Development. As a symbol of multilateral and multicultural cooperation, the event was held in Columbia Hall, a music venue created by the U.S. Airforce during the Cold War. The “Song for All' was organized by the German Federal President as a means of bringing people together and teaching German youngsters about Malargasy culture.

During the festival, 25 youth groups were 'awarded prizes for their musical compositions'. Among them were musicians Fy Rasolofoniaina and Jobina Diaz- two Malagasy singers well-known for their track 'The mixed up song' which promotes cultural exchange and the establishment of bonds between people. The videoclip was taken in Madagascar and stars Malagasy people.

The singers performed their song on stage along with children from the NGO Manda. The NGO aims to help the children and young people of the island. You can find a link to their song 'The mixed up song' here:

The festival was a real success as more than 3,000 visitors discovered and engaged with the Malagasy culture.


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Julie Essertel, Berlin Global