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M5 Mexican Brass in the Mexican Embassy in Berlin to enjoy Classical Music

A different approach to classical sound, Mozart and Bach rearranged by a Mexican band

August 07th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, News from Berlin
2017_08_07 M5 Mexican Brass.jpg

On 5th of September the Mexican Embassy in Berlin is going to host a gorgeous show where classical sounds are fused together in one with Mexican style. The band called M5 Mexican Brass will hold a huge number of concerts in Germany in order to involve people to the magical rhythm from Mexico.

This concert belongs to a series of concerts all located in Germany:  Festival popdeurope  at IGA Berlin, in  Mindelsaal amphitheater, in Mindelzell,  in Nochtspeicher, in Hamburg and in the Mexican Embassy, in Berlin  (Embajada de México en Alemania).

The show is intended for families and children in order to introduce people to classical sounds, leading examples such as Mozart and Bach, two remarkable composers of the classical scene, to spread knowledge about this world. It will serve as a real hub where children can enjoy music and explore the use of instruments, going through the history of music and its development.

In the meantime, this innovative approach allows people to come familiar to that sound with a wide range of techniques that involve both youth and adults to a world that shows its funny side to the public in a very unpredictable way.

The M5 Mexican Brass is very proud to lead this project all over Germany, because the multicultural context enriches everybody and because this meaningful concert is more than a simple show, it is a real experience of life where people are invited to open up their minds to Mexican style.

The combination between Mexican style and classical sounds is very important in order to catch the main differences in tones and sounds, little shades that make differences look so unnecessary.

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