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Looking Back and Ahead. Fifty Years of Diplomatic Relations between Germany and Israel

September 12th, 2014
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News from Berlin – In 2015, Germany and Israel will be celebrating the fifty-year anniversary of their bilateral relations, with different events scheduled throughout the two countries. Diplomatic ties between then West-Germany and Israel were first established on the 12th of May, 1965, and the relationship between the two nations has since then developed into one of the most lively and diverse friendships around the world.

The deep bond between Germany and Israel is even more special considering the terrible history of World War Two and the Shoah during the National Socialist era. The forgiveness and kindness portrayed by the German and Israeli people can serve as an inspiration to others. In fact, the connection between the two countries has developed from purely political ties to serve other fields as well, including economic and cultural relations. Youth development, education, city partnerships and art collaborations are only some of the many fields in which the two countries cooperate.

For Germany, the relation with Israel is, as the German Foreign Ministry put it, a cornerstone of German foreign policy. While, in the recent past, Germany has not turned away from expressing their hopes to establish a fair balance in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Germany remains a faithful supporter of Israel, striving to promote peace efforts in the Middle East. In that sense, Germany can be named as the definition of a good friend – someone who doesn’t fear to offer constructive feedback, but at the same time remains kind.

As for the future, the bond between Germany and Israel is very likely to remain strong, something which the two countries hope to express in detail in 2015 with the celebration of fifty years of diplomatic relations with each other. Among the parties organizing events are the German Foreign Ministry, the Goethe Institute and the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Together, these institutions have created a framework in which interested people can organize their own small events dedicated to strengthening the bond between the German and Israeli people. This way, the 2015 year of celebration will not be organized through a top-down approach, but rather through a bottom-up one, in which both public and private sectors unite. Also, this way of organizing the events ensures cultural engagements from both sides, once more showing that cultural diplomacy is a two-way stream.

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