Living the Italian way – Video Contest

What does “Italian-ness” mean to you? #vivereallitaliana

January 09th, 2019
Lisa Zenke, News from Berlin

"Vivere all'italiana ... a modo tuo!" – Under this motto the Video Competition of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with seeks to inspire young people creatively in expressing what “Living the Italian way” means to them.

As part of its activities to promote the Italian bilateral relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with the digital platform "", has launched the contest "Vivere all'italiana ... a modo tuo!" aimed at young creative Italians and foreigners.

The project aims to collect new perspectives and visions of what “Italian-ness” means to different people all around the world. Instead of perpetuating popular stereotypes around Italy the contest encourages and asks for individual ideas and experiences of Italian living, and does so very consciously. By highlighting the diversity of meaning behind a passion for Italian living in individual and personal histories of young people the project curates tradition while simultaneously seeking to discover new stories.

Participants in the competition are invited to present the essence of "being Italian" with innovative and original ideas in short videos. The videos may include interviews, reports, mini-documentaries or other narrative techniques and should describe with pictures, sounds or words what the "Italian way of life .... from your point of view" means.

The six winners will be awarded prizes totaling € 15,000, and the best videos will be shown on the institutional channels of the ministry and the diplomatic consular network.

The videos must be submitted by February 15, 15:00, through the online form of


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