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The Embassy of Liberia


Address: Düsseldorfer Straße 38, D-10707 Berlin

Tel.: (+49) (0)30 26 366 970

E-mail: info@liberiaembassygermany.de


The Ambassador

Amb. Youngor Sevelee Telewoda


The honorable Ambassador Youngor Sevelee Telewoda was born in 1952. She has been on her post in Berlin since July of 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Pace University, New York City, as well as a diploma from the University of Bradford of project planning and budgeting for development in the Third World. Prior to her diplomatic duties, she worked for the Finance Ministry in Monrovia.

In her diplomatic career, Amb. Youngor Sevelee Telewoda has been a representative at the United Nations in New York City, a Chargée d’Affaires at the Liberian Embassy in Brussels, where she was later Ambassador, and later she was named Ambassador of Liberia in Japan. Today, in addition to her diplomatic duties in Berlin, she is a representative at the United Nations in Vienna.




With regards to bilateral relations between Germany and Liberia, Germany has become an important partner of Liberia. Until the outbreak of civil war in late 1989, Liberia was one of Germany’s priority countries in terms of development cooperation. The German private sector had a strong presence in the country. With its wealth of natural resources (in particular iron ore, timber, rubber, gold and diamonds as well as proven offshore oil reserves), Liberia remains an attractive prospective market for German investors.

Acting on behalf of the Federal Government, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is advising the Liberian government on the reconstruction of the country’s transport sector as well as on natural resource governance and renewable energy.  Environmental cooperation focuses on providing support for the Taï-Sapo National Park (also involving Côte d’Ivoire).