Let yourself leave the Couch and Head to the Indian and European Music Night in Berlin

The Indian Embassy in Berlin is presenting a classical Indian and European folk music concert with Oritz Hariharan Pandey Trio

January 22nd, 2019
Amna Iqbal, News from Berlin
20190122_Let yourself leave the Couch.jpg

As many already know, Berlin is not a very typical German city. In fact, in reality, it is much more international than it is German, which luckily gives you a great chance to explore other cultures and gives you an excuse to get out and explore Berlin and what it has to offer.

Already on the 20th of February there is a chance to participate in the World Music Night with the Oritz Hariharan Pandey trio. The music will be rooted with classical and Indian folk music, as well as jazz and European folk music. The concert will include Charu Hariharan as the artist and Nishad Pandey on the guitar from India together with the Spanish Artist Carola Oritz. This concert will serve as a rare opportunity to let your ears explore the sound of Indian rhythms together with some European ones, and give you the opportunity to expose yourself to Indian culture, to get to know the musicians and to network. The event is taking place at the Indian Embassy in Berlin on the 20th February at 6pm, and the entrance is free for everyone.


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