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‘Les Rencontres Internationales’: When New Cinema and Contemporary Art Meet with Society.

June 03rd, 2014
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News from Berlin - After its success in Paris in February, and before going to Madrid in a few months, ‘Les Rencontres Internationales’ will be held in Berlin from June 3rd to 8th, 2014. During 6 days, several performances and screenings will take place at the ‘Haus des Kulturen der Welt’, creating a space for discovery and sharing contemporary moving image practices. Artists from all over the world join this new edition which offers an unique international program on culture and art.

The six days event starts with an opening night on Tuesday June 3rd. A keynote followed by a surprise screening and an opening party will probably give curious visitors present incentive on coming back the next days. Several movie producers and artists will then share their work among the days. As some headlines of this year's rencontres, we could quote for instance the screening of the film ‘Coast Zone’ co-directed by Merce Cunningham and Charles Atlas in 1983. In between movies time, two multimedia performances will be presented. As a show, people attending will even have the opportunity to take part in the performances. For example, in the first opening night, there will be ‘DOT, a videogame with no winner’. Henrique Roscoe, the creator of this audio-visual performance will present what could be called an original, contemporary and autonomous instrument. It highlights how artists and player-actors (representing in a sense the society) can share and be creative together.

Thus, this event will be hold from June the 3rd until June the 8th. ‘Haus der Kulturen der Welt’ will open its doors with free entrance. More information on the program and the participants can be find on the following website: http://www.art-action.org/en_index.htm

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