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Leonardo Padura at Instituto Cervantes

The world famous writer will introduce his new book at Literaturhaus Berlin.

July 20th, 2016
Vojtech Jirasek, News from Berlin

Famous Cuban author Leonardo Padura will introduce his new book Nine nights with Violeta at the Literaturhaus Berlin uned with the support of the Instituto Cervantes Berlin.

Leonardo Padura was born in 1955 in Havana. He belongs to most famous and influential Cuban authors. Among his publications are various novels, short stories, literary studies, reports and interviews. He is most famous because of his crime novel cycle “The Four Seasons”, series of four books featuring lieutenant Mario Conde.

The centerpiece of his last book “Nine nights with Violeta” is Havana as Padura sees it. Bars full of rum on Christmas Eve, small apartments water stains on ceilings, the applause from the baseball playground, all the scenes you can see from kitchen.

Padura makes everyday scenes of this turbulent city into short, dense narratives that often capture the tragedy of a whole human life. These stories are the first are very new and fascinating for those who do not yet know Padura, but his longtime readers will also discover many new facets of familiar cosmos.

The event takes place at Literaturhaus Berlin, Fasanenstraße 23, with the support of Instituto Cervantes Berlin.


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