Lecture by sociologist Daniel Kofahl to explore regional food within a globalised world

The lecture will take place on August 8th, at the Museum Europäi-scher Kulturen, from 6pm to 8pm

August 07th, 2019
Greta Isola, News from Berlin
20190807_Lecture by sociologist Daniel Kofahl.jpg

The lecture is a prime example of food diplomacy, due to its aim of rediscovering regional cultural traditions vis à vis an increasingly globalised world. The lecture will be analysing the theme under a sociological perspective.

The lecture, dedicated to the sociological structures and processes of local traditional food cultures, will be hosted by the Museum of European Cultures in Berlin as part of the Europe à la Carte festival. The lecturer chosen for the event is the sociologist Daniel Kofahl, who will delve deep into local culinary traditions and their importance in today’s globalised world, where the same types of food are available in different parts of the world, and where there is a decreasing emphasis on the importance of the different regional cuisines.

Nevertheless, as the lecture will illustrate, in the current “foodie” culture, there is a new rediscovery of local produce, as for instance fresh vegetables and fruits, preferred by many to the imported products. Overall, this event presents visitors with an excellent opportunity to be exposed to food diplomacy and the sociology behind it.

The access to the lecture is free for all visitors and no booking or prior registration is needed. 


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