Latin America and the Caribbean Week of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (MBZ)

The BMZs Latin American and Caribbean Week took place from March 27th to 31st, 2023, with more than 30 collateral events

March 27th, 2023
Sara Loria, News from Berlin
20230327_Latin America and the Caribbean Week.jpg

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) organized the Latin America-Caribbean Week from 27th to 31st March 2023 in Berlin.

The prospects and potential of Latin America and the Caribbean will be the main topic of discussion within the scope of numerous events for the specialist audience and for interested parties. The aim is to draw attention to the political, economic and ecological importance of the region. The BMZ hosted events on a range of subjects, including triangular cooperation and feminist development strategy. Numerous groups participated in the Latin America-Caribbean Week by hosting their own activities, such as panel talks, photo exhibitions, and seminars on culinary topics.

Indeed, Latin America and the Caribbean play a role in the development field. Without Latin America and the Caribbean, the climate and biodiversity crisis could not be tackled, for the region hosts more than half of the biodiversity of our planet: from rainforests to coral reefs. At the same time, Latin America and the Caribbean are the regions with the largest social inequality worldwide, especially when it comes to women and indigenous communities. One of the goals of the Latin America and Caribbean Week was the fight of inequality and extending rights. However, art and culture played a big role, too. The intent was to arouse interest in the region, to better understand and exchange opinions during interesting events and horizon-expanding conversations.


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