‘Lange Tafel’ Supports Cultural Diplomacy

The ‘Lange Tafel’ programme promotes cultural dialogue by working with children in Germany and abroad

October 23rd, 2019
Marta Faraoni, News from Berlin
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On the 20th of October 2019, the German cultural organisation ‘Lange Tafel’, working in collaboration with the Mongolian Embassy in Berlin, presented a book depicting the results of several workshops with Mongolian children living in Germany.

On the 20th of October 2019, a long table was set up on the streets of Friedrichshain in the east of Berlin. Members of the Mongolian community living in Berlin cooked pasta, and offered it for lunch to the many curious passers-by walking along Karl-Marx Allee. This is just one example of the many initiatives organized by ‘Lange Tafel’, a German cultural organisation founded by Isabella Mamatis 15 years ago. Since then, many projects focused on cultural dialogue and growing mutual understanding between generations have been realised. More specifically, Mamatis successfully carried out projects in Los Angeles, Iran, India and all over Europe. These initiatives are financed by organisations such as the European Union and the city of Berlin.

Recently, ‘Lange Tafel’ decided to collaborate with the Mongolian community in Berlin, and organised a project working with Mongolian children living in Germany. The purpose of this project was to enhance cultural dialogue between different generations and cultures, and promote Mongolian heritage among the younger generations. During this project, Lange Tafel collaborated with a Mongolian school in Berlin run by volunteer teachers. Students aged 10-14 were asked to interview their parents and grandparents about their childhood in Mongolia, and what they value most. The children then collected and shared this information with their class, and compiled a book on their findings. On the 20th of October, after a shared lunch, the children involved in the project presented their work, performed traditional dances and sang national songs for their parents and passers-by.    

This cultural project shows how the Mongolian community in Berlin is engaged in the promotion of Mongolian heritage within German society. In collaborating with ‘Lange Tafel’ on this project, the Mongolian community had the opportunity not only to reflect upon its traditions, but also to present the result of these workshops to Berlin’s diverse community. The Mongolian Embassy recognised the unique value of this project, and promoted it during the Embassy’s opening day at the beginning of October.


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