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Kulinarya Tour highlights Philippine Embassy’s Independence Day celebration

A Filipino dinner with 90 people to celebrate the 119th Anniversary of Philippines Independence

July 06th, 2017
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On the 30th of May, the month-long food festival called “Flavours of the Philippines” was launched. This festival held, on June 22th, a special Independence Day Filipino Dinner, prepared by the famous Kulinaria Team.  The team performs a demonstration at the Maritim Hotel Berlin cooking the best signature dishes for their 60 guests and 30 members of the Embassy Team.

The dinner was introduced by the Philippine H.E. Ambassador Melita Sta. Maria-Thomeczek and the Federal Foreign Office Director General for Asia-Pacific, Ambassador H.E. Ina Lepel followed with her response. The special five-course dinner consisted of kinilaw, which is an assorted seafood cooked with vinegar, sopa de molo that is clear soup with dumplings, ginataang isda which is fish with crabfat sauce, a dalandan a citrus fruit sherbet, and finally a bistek tagalog, kind of beef with soy sauce glaze.

Those guests coming from German Parliament and Foreign Ministry and members of diplomatic corps, media and other personalities stayed into the night as they enjoyed many desserts that Kulinaria Team offered.

The embassy wants to highlight the importance of this rare event, it represents a special occasion because the visit of the Kulinaria Team to Germany coincided with the Philippines independent month. Thus, it is a significant and rare sit-down dinner both to celebrate the Independence of the Philippines, but also to introduce guests and members of the Embassy to Filipino food.

Germany is the last stop of the Kulinaria Team Tour in Europe, thanks to its uniqueness, Philippine cuisine garnered a lot of attention, both from international and Philipin media. Especially at international level it is catching on, consisting of dishes that everyone should try. This is the idea that the Embassy wants to transmit. Interaction among cultures can be developed in different ways, through food sharing as well, which can create the conditions to have an amazing exchange.


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Valentina Di Carlantonio, Berlin Global