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KRS-ONE concert in Yaam

The legendary American hip-hop artist will produce himself in Berlin

June 15th, 2016

On Friday, June the 17th, Bronx’s (New York) legendary hip-hop artist, Lawrence Krisna Parker aka KRS-ONE, will perform in Yaam, one of Berlin’s oldest and most popular underground cultural center. The audience will have the chance to witness a concert from a living hip-hop legend that should turn into an extraordinary hip-hop history lesson and a mic’s skills showcasing.

Yaam is definitly one of the best area in Berlin to host these kind of event as it fits perfectly with its underground culture. Created in 1994 as a youth and cultural center, Yaam quickly became a very popular gathering place for children, youngsters and adults from different nationalities in Berlin.

Situated alongside the Spree (S-Bahn station Ostbahnhof), the deeply multicultural place in which the atmosphere is often described as Jamaican features various entertaining area. Indeed, it is composed of a beach, a bar, a nightclub, a rock climbing facility, a football pitch, a children playground, a graffiti wall as well as African, Caribbean and Brazilian food stands. This all contributes to the musical atmosphere.

For all of these reasons, KRS-ONE will find Yaam to be a perfect fit for his music. Indeed, the musical influences of this pioneer rapper are various and multicultural and well range from reggae, caribbean music and jazz to rock n’ roll. The artist is also known for being one of the key faces of socially and politically conscious rap in the world. With his ‘’edutainment’’ style, KRS-ONE presents at conferences in universities around the world  where he preaches self-knowledge and education.

As well, KRS-ONE is also involved in social projects. He created the ‘’Human Education Against Lies’’ association that distributes books and discs to the less-fortunate. Once again, the humanitarian side of the artist fits particularly well with Yaam since the place is also part of a lot of social projects, notably in helping the refugees in Berlin.


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