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Korean-German Start-up Investment Forum 2016

„The Investment Forum will take place during the 11th Asia - Pacific Weeks (APW) 2016 in Berlin"

May 17th, 2016

Each year The Asia-Pacific Weeks invite leading experts from regions with the highest economic growth-rates to Berlin. Invited specialists have a chance to discuss important questions, ranging from economics and politics, research and science, culture and society. The key subject of this year's APW is "Connecting Start-up Cities" which will focus on start-ups and their ecosystems with special regards to locations, contexts and interaction networks for growth and innovation.

This year’s event is hosted by the Korean Embassy and Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of the Republic of Korea (MOTIE) and is organized by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency which is a non-profit governmental organization under the direction of MOTIE. Korean  start - up  companies from several  segments,  such  as  mobile  solutions  and  applications,  FinTech,  e-commerce, performance  materials  ( for  automotive  &  electronics),  mobile  gaming,  biotech,  and  healthcare , will participate in the event.

The preliminary session of the forum will deliver an overview on start-ups in Korea, including topics such as: how are they financed, what are their activities and specific features, their potential and competitiveness. The overview will also include how start-ups are being financed and who are the investors.

The Forum will be organized at European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Schloßplatz 1, 10178 Berlin, and will start on 24th of May.

Such an event will have an important impact on Korean-German Cultural Diplomacy Relations as well, as it gives Republic of Korea great chance to show its business potential on International Level, attract investors, and enhance relations with Germany in different fields.

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Nana Amiranashvili, Berlin Global