Katie Melua- “Summer 2019”

Georgian-British artist, Katie Melua tour promoted by the Embassy of Georgia in Berlin

August 16th, 2019
Oana Călățean, News from Berlin
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The Georgian-British artist, Katie Melua, will finish her “Summer 2019” tour in Germany with the last three concerts at the end of August in Schwerin, Bochum and Aachen. The artist start her series of concerts in Germany in 25th of July, holding 9 concerts by the end of the tour, covering venues like Berlin, Dresden, Stuttgart, Trier etc.

Katie Melua, a worldwide recognized artist, holding the pride of being called at times Europe’s biggest selling female solo artist, was born in Georgia, at that time part of the USSR. When she was eight, all her family moved to UK where they became British citizens in 2005.

Despise her British citizenship, it can be easily said that Melua is a good ambassador for Georgia. Not only once she said that is pride of her roots, and even in her musical career she emphasis her origin. Her latest album, released in 2016, was recorded in Georgia, in collaboration with Gori Women's Choir, a native Georgian native all-female troop. The troop accompanied Malua to some of hers concerts in Germany. Due to her closeness with her native culture, her “Summer 2019” tour is promoted by the Embassy of Georgia to Germany.


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