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Kashmir Conflict Not To Be Forgotten

March 19th, 2014

On March 14 2014 the Pakistani Embassy hosted the panel discussion “Situation of Kashmir and the role of the Western Nations”. Politicians, scholars and members of the Kashmiri community debated the Kashmiri conflict that has been going on in the border area between India and Pakistan for decades. It was hosted by the Embassy of Pakistan and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. The Kashmir conflict can be considered as the oldest conflict that the UN is currently trying to solve. The panel discussion aimed to bring the topic back to the agenda of the international community and get their attention to the Indian occupation of Kashmir and Jammu. For this occasion, the Free Kashmir Organization hosted an event to express their support for the people of Kashmir. There were that many people attending that some even had to stay on the stairs that led to the podium.

Thanks to speakers from different backgrounds, numerous perspectives could be covered and debated later during the panel discussion.  The political view on the issue was covered by the most prominent member of the night, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. The audience was eager to listen to his view as a British politician, but also as a born Kashmiri. According to him, the conflict has to draw more attention again in the international sphere and should not be forgotten amid other urging conflicts in the world. The people of Kashmir are the ones suffering most from the conflict and therefore it can be determined by decades of geopolitics and regional rivalry.

The Free Kashmir Organization’s focus is to be taken achieve that the conflict is be considered seriously around the globe and that all nations are required to contribute towards the peaceful resolution of this conflict. This conflict is affecting the peace, security and economic cooperation in the South Asian region especially between India and Pakistan which are both Nuclear Powers.

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