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Junior Diplomats Program to Strengthen Belgian-German Relations

September 16th, 2014

The embassies of Germany and Belgium have launched a joint program, “Junior Diplomats”, aimed at young people who would like to become diplomats and are interested in Belgian-German relations. The purpose of the programme is to strengthen relations between Belgium and Germany and build cordial relations between the two countries. Candidates for the position should live in Belgium, speak German, French and/or Dutch, and be between 18 and 28 years of age. Their tasks would include organizing events, taking part in linguistic exchanges and attending literary evenings. They are expected to promote the culture of their respective countries, both on the diplomatic forum and amongst their friends and co-workers. The deadline for sending CVs, a photo, and personal letters is the 19th of September.

Cultural exchanges are especially important today in an increasingly globalised world. Having an understanding of cultural differences and speaking several languages are skills increasingly deemed essential for the job market. Initiatives such as this are an important way of ensuring the next generation of diplomats is knowledgeable about other countries and cultures, by granting them the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of different cultures.

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