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“Journey Into Europe”: Islam’s Role In The Development Of European History And Civilization

"Let's have A Day For The Bicycle"

May 18th, 2016

On June 1 at 17:00, Berlin will host the European film premiere "Journey into Europe" at Hackesche Höfe kino. The movie is sponsored by Stiftung Mercator, in conjunction with the Aspen Institute Germany and the British Council. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film's director, moderated by Kristiane Backer, a German television presenter, television journalist and author.

Directed and produced by world-renowned Muslim anthropologist Amb. Ahmed, 'Journey into Europe' aims to explore and offer solutions for the coexistence of the Islamic community and European citizens, looking at the attitudes and perceptions of Europeans regarding their foreign neighbors. Ahmed is the former Pakistani High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland and he is currently considered as the world’s leading authority on contemporary Islam by the BBC.

The film enlightens the different perspectives of some of Europe's most prominent figures, including presidents, prime ministers, archbishops, heads of right-wing parties, as well as citizens from a variety of backgrounds, exploring Islam in Europe and the place of Islam in European history and civilization.

For the film the crew traveled across the continent in winter and summer 2014 and during that trip, team members have also posted their thoughts as well as photos and videos from their experience to their blog. The study is the fourth part of Ahmed’s award-winning books, which explore the relations between the West and the world of Islam after 9/11, which have received praise from prominent politicians, journalists, religious leaders, and academics worldwide.

The movie has already been screened in the US, receiving also positive reviews from some of Europe’s most prominent leaders. The former president and prime minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, affirmed that “Ambassador Akbar Ahmed’s latest project on Muslims in Europe is yet another illustration of his vision by offering us understanding of, commitment to, and hope and compassion for humanity".

Described as an emotionally powerful and fascinating documentary, that covers relations between the Muslim world and Europe spanning many centuries, this movie represents the feeling of identity and acceptance, which are deeply relevant to our world nowadays. 


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Jessica Sama, Berlin Global