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Jewish Film Festival in Berlin: Avoiding Clichés

April 04th, 2014

News from Berlin - This year marks the twentieth birthday of the Jewish film festival in Berlin and Potsdam. It opened on March 30th and runs until April 13th. Earlier in March, the Israeli and Arab film festivals, which have always run in the same period so far, also took place. No doubt the organisers of the Jewish Film Festival did not want to miss the boat.

The festival was founded in 1995, on the fiftieth birthday of the end of the Second World War, and is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. The main strengths of the festival are its themes and target audience. The themes are different from those appearing in mainstream media, but still more than digestible for all - and increasingly large - audiences.

The tagline of this year’s edition is “20 Jahre Filme Ohne Klischees”, or Twenty Years of Clichéless films. This directly refers to the festival’s history of trying to show the non-mainstream side of things. Screenings include feature films as well as documentaries and short films, and take place in the following theatres: Hans Otto Theater Potsdamm, Thalia Programmkino, Kino Arsenal, Filmkunst 66, Eiszeit and Neues Off. More information can be found on the festival’s website: www.jffb.de (website in German and English).

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