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‘Jewels of Grief’: Documentary about Moroccan Women and Family

Czech Centre in Berlin Screens Documentary about Women in Morocco

February 16th, 2015
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Every Monday, the Czech Centre organizes DokuMontag, in which a documentary is screened. Afterwards a discussion or conversation will be held to give a insight into the work behind the big screen and give a chance to show how the documentary was made. This Monday, February 16th the documentary ‘Jewels of Grief’ will be screened. In ‘Jewels of Grief’, two young mothers in Morocco show how their lives evolved after they gave birth. After the screening, director Mohamed Nabil will tell more about the background stories, the situation in Morocco and the production of his documentary.

In the past years, the position of women in Morocco has improved. In many ways, the political and social equality of women and men has been pursued successfully. Expelling the woman from the family was forbidden by law and divorce procedures have simplified. But still, Nabil states, females remain unequal. One of the girls in the documentary chose a boy over her own family. Because of that, her family threw her out of the house. On top of that she became pregnant and was left alone by her boyfriend. In the documentary, representatives of several religious, state and human rights organizations speak of the political change that must implement changes in social behavior. With the documentary, Nabil wants to open a discussion on this treatment of women: “Single mothers are a common occurrence in our society. We need to talk about it”, are the words the trailer of the documentary start with. Although the law was eased, sexual intercourse before marriage is punishable.

In its program, the Czech Centre tries to open the eyes of visitors to new worlds. From documentaries to Design and fashion, they organize many activities. The documentaries often focus on important international topics and attempt to raise international awareness. ‘Jewels of Grief’ is a critical documentary, but shows how human rights –and other- organizations try to help those in need to find a better future.

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