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Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival

For Six Days in April, from the 16th to the 21st, the Glass Courtyard of the Jewish Museum Berlin will Turn into a Concert Stage

February 25th, 2016

The Jewish Museum in Berlin, since its opening in 2001 has been one of the emerging institutions in the European museum landscape. With its exhibitions and its collections, but also thanks to its program of events and educational activities, it has become a vital core of history and Jewish-German culture, understood as a place of research, debate and place to exchange views. A museum for young and old, Germans and non-Germans, Jews and non-Jews. The museum’s permanent exhibition provides representations of 14 historical periods from the Middle Ages to the present, demonstrating a rich description of German-Jewish life. Artistic and everyday objects, photos and letters, interactive displays and media stations together convey the history of Jewish culture in Germany and show how tightly Jewish life and German history are interlinked.

The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival this year is headed by the distinguished pianist Elena Bashkirova, and is one of Israel's most important cultural events which brings outstanding musicians from around the world together. Every spring since 2012, it has taken place at the Jewish Museum Berlin in Kreuzberg. The festival has found a second home here and an exceptional stage in the Glass Courtyard for its concept and its participants, who are promising young talents, members of top international orchestras, and renowned soloists which celebrate the dialogue between cultures and a love of chamber music together with the audience.

The next festival will take place from 16th to 21st April 2016. This year's programme and hours will vary every day, but the general theme of the agenda is going to focus on works by Russian composers such as Sergei Prokofieff, Dmitri Shostakovich and Sergei Rachmaninoff, complemented by chamber music from Antonín Dvořák, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Béla Bartók, amongst others.

Tickets are available online and at the box office of the Jewish Museum.

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