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Japanese Art in Berlin. The Music-inspired Paintings of AMADA Mitsuhiro

August 06th, 2014
Japanese Art in Berlin.jpg

News from Berlin - The Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB) is currently hosting an exhibition with works from the Japanese artist AMADA Mitsuhiro. It is the first time that works from the Tokyo-born artist, which feature music and animals as major themes, are being displayed in Germany.

Apart from being a painter, AMADA Mitshiro is a musician as well. For years he performed as a solo cellist in the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, after which he started to work as a freelance musician. While he is still relatively unknown throughout Europe, his works have attracted great interest in Japan from both music and general art lovers.

AMADA Mitsuhiro learned the art of painting from his father, AMADA Kôhei who was a famous painter and sculptor. While his paintings have a multitude of subjects, most of his paintings portray musicians as cats. In minimalist style and with great wit he brings his subjects to life on paper. In this he follows the Japanese art-style of  Chôjû jinbutsu giga, which entails painting caricatures of humans in the shape of animals.

With only a few strokes with his brush, AMADA Mitsu brings character into his music-loving cats, making them truly resemble humans in the way they act and move. The exhibition therefore is great for anyone to visit and enjoy. It is possible to visit the exhibition at the JDZB until August 15, with admission being free. More information can be found on the website of the JDZB.

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