Japan-Germany Summit Meeting in Osaka

Japanese and German Prime Ministers to discuss urgent global issues.

July 02nd, 2019
Giulia Mohammad Abdellatif, News from Berlin
20190702_Japan-Germany Summit.jpg

On June 28th, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in Osaka on the occasion of the G20-Summit.

The Japanese Prime minister was glad to meet again Chancellor Merkel, after their reunion in Tokyo last February, and he wishes to cooperate with Germany regarding climate change and energy efficiency, the main topic of the Summit.
Chancellor Merkel was glad as well to participate to the G20 Summit in Osaka and stated that Germany and Japan have the same objectives on climate and trade policy.

They also expressed the willingness to strengthen their bilateral relations through a partnership for promoting the African development, which will be discussed at the 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development planned for August 2019 in Yokohama.

The two Prime Ministers exchanged views and information about a number of regional themes, including North Korea.


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