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Italian Night at the Philharmonic in Berlin

April 16th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On April 19th, Italy comes to Berlin for a concert to be held in the Philharmonic, with some of the most well-loved compositions in the Baroque repertoire, including Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons'. The Italian music event will start at 20.00 and several different compositions will be played by known Italian artists such as Wiktor Kuzniecow senior (Soloist), Stefan Bevier(Conductor) and the Festival Orchestra Berlin (Orchestra).

The Festival Orchestra Berlin, which is an assembly of the Festival Strings Berlin and the Festival Brass Berlin, was founded by Stefan Bevier in 1998 and forms a multicultural get together of musicians of leading European orchestras. The repertoire includes Baroque, Vienna Classic and Romantic completed by musical rarities.The Festival Orchestra Berlin plays old Italian instruments and guarantees a fine sound of overwhelming beauty.

The Philharmonic is the musical heart of Berlin for already 50 years.  When opened in 1963, it became part of the new urban centre after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Philharmonic's building shows an unusual architecture and innovative concert hall design initially igniting controversy, but it now serves as a model for concert halls all over the world.

For further information and tickets head to www.classictic.com/en/berlin/philharmonie_berlin/33/

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