Italian Embassy in Berlin Celebrates the Third Italian Design Day 2019

Italian Embassy in Berlin questions how we want to live together in the cities of the future

March 17th, 2019
Martta Tenhu, News from Berlin
20190317_Italian Embassy.jpg

The city of the future, how should it look like and how could we guarantee the diversity, freedom and security for its inhabitants? These are the ongoing questions of the event Design and the City of the Future hosted by Italian Embassy on March 20th in Berlin.

Cities are the centers of the world economy and are vulnerable for many global changes and threats. Cities brings people together and have a great impact on cultural diversity. The event: “Design and the City of Future,” discusses digitization, the development of 3D software and building information modeling (BIM) in the future infrastructures as well as in social policy solutions. How these developments secure people’s fundamental rights? Who plays an important role in shaping the future of the cities?

Four speakers of different disciplines from Italy and Germany discuss all of these questions by trying to sketch their vision of the city of the future in an event on March 20th, hosted within the framework of the third Italian Design Day 2019 and hosted by the Italian Embassy in Berlin.


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