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Italian Embassy Enjoys the Musikfest Berlin 2017

As part of the project Musikfest Berlin the Italian Embassy host an important component in the event, featuring the “Quartett der Kritiker”

August 29th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, News from Berlin
From the 31th of August to the 18th of September the Musikfest Berlin will take place in Berlin with the aim of celebrating music and arts as expression of culture and exchange. In the context of the festival, the Italian Embassy is serving the Italian effort dedicated to raising awareness of Italian cultue and promoting and fostering cooperation in order to support the main artists.

The event will take place in the courtyard of the Italian Embassy on the 3th of September at 15:00 o’clock in order to celebrate the 450 years of Claudio Monteverdi, one of the greatest composers of the entire music history.

Experts of the music landscape will discuss and share their points of view trying to explain the masterpieces from Claudio Monteverdi, the talented Italian composer that represented the passage from the Baroque to the Renaissance periods, giving a huge contribution to music evolution.

In particular, the contest will focus on the story “Il ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria” and will offer different interpretations about the story, and details about what the author would convey and the way he originally arranged this opera. The context offers real full immersion into the sound that inspires reflections and discussions about the meaning of music.

The event will include addresses by meaningful personalities from the scene, in order to discover the essence of that such huge talent. The experts will be: Eleonore Büning, music editor, Volker Hagedorn, journalist and writer, Matthias Hengelbrock, freelance music journalist, Michael Stegemann, musicologist, professor at Dortmund University.

This event will celebrate the passion for music when it transcends borders and it allows for new ways of interpreting the sounds, in a context that puts together Germans and Italians to exchange knowledge, because music is an art form that is genuinely appreciated worldwide.


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