Israeli Queer Movie Night

July 23rd: screening of two Israeli films about the LGBTQ community.

July 18th, 2019
Gaia Carmilla, News from Berlin
20190718_Israeli Queer Movie Night.jpg

On July 23, two Israeli films will be broadcast at the Babylon cinema, which tell the story of the relationship between Israeli society and the LGBTQ community.

On the evening of July 23 at 19:30 will begin the film "the sing for love", while at 21:00 the second film "a family in transition" will begin at the cinema Babylon.

At the end of the last screening there will be a meeting with the protagonist of the film Amit Tsuk. This is a special initiative that highlights the open-mindedness of the Israeli community in Germany and beyond, emphasizing equality in society and the need to say out loud that there can be no more homophobic discrimination.

Moreover, tackling such a delicate issue as homosexuality (etc...) is difficult but fundamental for today's society.


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