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Israeli Ambassador Campaigned for Equal Rights at LGBT Festival in Berlin

On the occasion of the Lesbian-Gay Festival, the Israeli Embassy participated to campaign for the motto “Equal Rights for the Unequal”

February 10th, 2015
Laura Serra, News from Berlin

It was the third time the Israeli Embassy had its own stand at the festival where participants could learn more about the situation of the LGBT community in Israel and be equipped with flags, balloons, and stickers. Personalized buttons of people’s names in Hebrew were popular this year.

Israeli LGBT activist Avi Soffer was at the booth to give first-hand information about the legal and social situation of LGBT people in Israel. The well-known Israeli drag queen Oshri, also participated in the opening ceremony. The highlight of the event was the inauguration of the festival by Berlin’s governing Mayor Michael Müller and Israeli Ambassador to Berlin Yakov Hadas-Handelsman.

The Ambassador noted that Germany and Israel share the same values: democracy, freedom, peace, and progress. He further stated that we need to strive for the recognition of rights of minorities. In attempt to promote equal rights for all individuals, the Israeli Embassy organized a Queer Film Night in cooperation with Christopher Street Day at Kino Babylon. The event was held on Tuesday, July 19th.


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