Ireland Opens its First Embassy in Colombia

Promoting peace and culture through diplomatic ties

March 14th, 2019
Hoëlenn Ayoul-Guilmard, News from Berlin
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Ambassador Alison Milton has been appointed to be the first Irish Ambassador in the newly open embassy in Bogotá, a decision that comes as Ireland expands its missions’ network across Latin America.

In 2018, both Governments announced the openings of Embassies in each other’s countries and Colombia took the first step when it opened its first Embassy in Dublin last year. In January, Ireland reciprocated, with its first-ever diplomatic representation in the country. It is particularly meaningful that the new Embassy opens in 2019, the bicentenary of Colombia’s independence. Indeed, the Colombia-Ireland relationship is not new and can be dated back to Simón Bolívar and the Independence campaign when Irish volunteers left Europe to join him.

As of today, peacekeeping is still on the agenda and Ireland, because of its own history, is in a good position to support Colombia in dealing with the FARC. By forging diplomatic ties in Latin America, Ireland is acting to support the current government in the implementation of a sustainable peace in the region.

Ambassador Milton views the Colombia-Irish relationship as a two-way street: “this is not an aid relationship […] but one of equals and a partnership where we can really work with each other.” This decision will initiate partnerships on many level, of course in terms of economy and technology but also for culture and education. Ireland’s leading Universities are opening up to more foreign students and cultural partnerships for artist are planned to be launched. As an expression of this new partnership, to mark St. Patrick’s Day, the Colpatria Tower will be lit Emerald Green and a Green Ciclovía will be organized for the celebration on March 17th.


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