Invitation to join the German-Irish Council

Recent meeting held of German-Irish societies and the Irish community organization

March 21st, 2019
Paraskevi Stringa, News from Berlin
20190321_Invitation to join the German-Irish Council.jpg

The two countries decide to further explore the possibility of establishing a German-Irish Council. A steering committee was subsequently established and a questionnaire circulated to Irish community organizations.

Based on their findings, it was agreed that a German-Irish Council would be established to complement existing the Irish community activity in Germany.

Initiatives have be taken for people who have recently moved to Germany and wish to meet other Irish citizens who are part of a local organization or business network that can provide general advice, information and guidance.

There are also many different types of Irish societies and organizations in Germany including German Irish Friendship societies, as well as Irish music bands, Irish dancing schools and groups and Irish and Celtic music festivals. Other groups promote Irish sport, film, the Irish language or other events for the community.


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