International Mandela Day

South African Embassy and South African Consulate General celebrate Mandela Day

July 18th, 2019
Gaia Carmilla, News from Berlin
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July 18 is the International Mandela Day, the date of his birthday. This date has been recognized by the United Nations and has the purpose of promoting in every citizen the idea of social service for his community.

July 18 is the day of Mandela, this day was decided by the UN with the aim of promoting in all citizens the idea of social service engagement for their community.

This initiative aims to encourage each person to do 67 minutes of social service, which is equivalent to his years spent fighting against Apartheid and many other battles of which he has been the spokesperson.

Consequently, the Facebook pages of the South African Embassy in Berlin and the Facebook pages of the South African Consulate General in Munich also celebrated this important day, through a video, to recall the fundamental role of President Nelson Mandela.
It is clear that this day is of fundamental importance not only for South African citizens but for all.

this day is important to all of us because anyone can learn a lot from Nelson Mandela's life.

The first black South African president has left an indelible mark on the history of his country and on the history of everyone because his actions have opened the eyes of the world to racism and inequalities in the country.

His mandate has not only changed the development of South Africa, in terms of wealth and education, but also in terms of equality and civil liberties.

In particular, his policy has also had a positive effect in other African countries.

The celebration of the International Mandela Day provides a good opportunity to reflect on the importance of equality between human beings and devote some of our time to social service to help others, not forgetting that unfortunately there are still many inequalities in the world.


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