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International Festival of Short Films in Berlin

The most important international festival of short films in Germany, Interfilm, presents films from 100 countries for six days in Berlin

November 11th, 2016
Roberta Capelluti, News from Berlin

Every year, the International Short Film Festival is celebrated in Berlin. Founded in 1982, this year it will be held in several cinemas in Berlin such as the Volksbühne, Roter Salon, Grüner Salon, Babylon Kino, Passage Kino and Planetario Zeiss from 14th November until 20th November.

The festival has many years of experience and many contacts in the cultural sector and international short films. With this, it has collected an international audience which is becoming more and more vast.

This year, the 32nd Short Film Festival will be celebrated over six days in November. The festival has established itself as one of the most famous European festivals, with more than 5000 films, each with a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

The festival offers a wide range of short films ranging from animation to documentaries. The sectors are as different as music videos, commercials, experimental and historical films.

The goal of the Short Film Festival is to search for filmmakers who have experience and are qualified and creative, working together and presenting the work in an international and cultural context to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

The films are cured for 90 minutes, which helps audiences to discover different types of films, coming from China, Italy, Mexico City and much more. The directors are international and reveal different ways of implementing and directing film.

Amongst these, we have the Italian sector which focuses on Italian short film which is selling well, resuming its place in the world of international cinema. The Italian films present two programs: one of animation and one retrospective, with the goal of highlighting the traditions of animation masters from the past until today.

Regarding the focus on China, Chinese short films are not seen very often in short festivals, but this year they have been placed together in five programs of high quality short films, with the contribution of the Chinese Embassy in Berlin.


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