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International Design Festival

DMY Berlin Is An Annual Contemporary Design Music Festival Where Aspiring and Established Artists Present Their Designs

June 07th, 2016

The International Design Festival was created by a group of designers, artists and creative thinkers who envision transforming current and upcoming cultural trends and designs. The festival’s objective is to bring together different forms of contemporary designs and expose it to a vast audience. As well, the festival presents designers and innovative developers with the opportunity to meet individuals from the industrial and economic sector.

Over a period of four days, individuals from different artistic fields present the newest innovations in contemporary designs. Current designs are showcased to the public while ideas and future innovations are discussed, proposed and planned.

The theme of the 14th edition of the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin is “Odyssey 2016”. For the first time, the festival will be open to individuals from all design disciplines and backgrounds. The central exhibition offers the public the chance to explore and engage with new prototypes, products and installations including Ashley Scott’s Icebags and other Forms and Brsg Keramik’s jewelry collection Water on Sand.

The festival breaks down the barrier between design and the arts and creates a fluid dialogue of artistic exchange. The program includes various talks, exhibitions and workshops with professors, designers and design companies.

For additional information on the program, exhibitions and entrance fees, please visit the website:


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