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Instituto Cervantes Engages Ibero-American Cultures in Diplomacy

The Instituto Cervantes continues making persistent efforts in promoting Hispanic culture across Germany

June 21st, 2017
Rachel McCave, News from Berlin
2017_06_21 Instituto Cervantes Engages Ibero-American Cultures in Diplomacy.jpg

The Instituto Cervantes is the leading cultural and educational hub for Spanish-speaking events, programs and studies. Led by the Spanish government, the institute works in 70 different countries around the world to promote Spanish language and diasporic culture.

An important aspect of this worldwide promotion of Hispanic heritage is the inclusion of Latin American countries in the institute’s programming in order to showcase the diversity of Spanish-speaking countries and cultures.

In Berlin, the Instituto Cervantes has an ongoing cultural program that specifically promotes films, concerts and exhibitions about Ibero-American culture. This inclusion of cultural products from Latin American countries in the institute’s worldwide promotion of language and culture creates a platform for Berlin audiences to engage in nuanced forms of Latin American cultural exchange.

Working closely with partners in Latin America, Instituto Cervantes has had a richly diverse collection of creative opportunities to learn more about Ibero-American culture. This month has included screenplays about Ecuador, Cuba, Colombia and Panama, as well as a photography exhibition from a Chilean artist and a concert featuring indigenous music in Quechua from Bolivia.

The dedication of Instituto Cervantes in appreciating and showcasing diasporic culture and art is exemplary of cultural diplomacy through partnerships, as well as cultural and artistic events. These events are all open to the public and encourage more participation in Ibero-American cultural engagement from international audiences in Berlin.

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