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Indian Embassy to host North-Indian Dance Showcase

North-Indian Dance Kathak to Be Presented In a Showcase by Lokeshwari Dasgupta

October 07th, 2015
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The Indian Embassy in Berlin will host at its headquarters, on October 6th, a showcase of the classical North-Indian dance form Kathak. The showcase will be conducted by Lokeshwari Dasgupta, the daughter and disciple of the famous Dance Guru Surangama Dasgupta, and a world-wide famous Kathak dancer.

Kathan is a form of classical Indian Dance bound with Hindustani music, and rhythmic feet nimbleness accompanied by the tabla or pakhawaj. Originally telling stories of Radha and Krishna, when taken to Muslim courts the content of the dance shifted the accent from religion to entertainment, with more focus on Nritta, the pure dance, rather than on Abhinaya, the expression and the emotion transmitted.

“[…] Mother says I was a dancer before I could walk […]” verse from ABBA’s song has proven to be true in Lokeshwari Dasgupta’s case. She is a famous Indian dancer, the daughter and the dance disciple of the famous Dance Exponent Guru Surangama Dasgupta. Lokeshwari completed Graduation level in Kathak and Rabindranritya. Moreover, she also learnt Manipuri, a North-Eastern Indian Dance, and Bharatnatyam, a South-Indian Dance, under the guidance of P.T. Narendran, one of the most important Indian dancers of the 21st century, and world-wide ambassador of Southern Indian dances. Lokeshwari also completed a Masters Degrees and a PhD in History from Jadavpur University and a Masters Degree in Women Studies also from Jadavpur University.

Under the able guidance and constant inspiration of her mother, dancing became the sole motto of Lokeshwari’s life. Her aim is to raise awareness about and propagate the rich cultural heritage of Classical Indian Dances through innovative and inspiring creations, and showcases held around the world.

The showcase will take place at the Indian Embassy in Berlin on October 6th starting at 18:00 h. The Embassy announces free admission for a maximum of 200 guest. The admission is done on the basis of a valid passport or ID card only. 


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