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Indian Embassy celebrates International Yoga Day

Joining yoga classes can improve your life

July 21st, 2017
Alessia Salzano, News from Berlin
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The practice of yoga is something well known worldwide, but no other country can display a  solid established tradition as India. This old practice has its roots in very ancient times, and with time has become an irreplaceable for the culture of India.

In fact, since religion constitutes a huge part of Indian life, meditation is a key element for the everyday routine in this country. Although the international public could be able to recognize the major traits of this activity, on the other side it would be rare that someone has engaged in it.

For that reason, the cultural section of the Indian Embassy in Berlin has organized a big event to celebrate the International Yoga Day, which will take place on the 21 of June. All the people interested will have indeed the chance to learn the foundations of yoga, how it has developed, how and when is proper to practice it.

In addition, mixing a series of workshops, explanations and other historical information, the Indian Embassy’s event is aimed at transmitting to the public the real meaning of Yoga. Moreover, with the participation of experts from the fields and trainers, the hope of the Embassy is that a consistent number of people will fall in love with Yoga and decide then to begin some lessons.

Besides, Yoga in today’s world can become very popular, as rapid urbanization and a fast life style has created tremendous pressure on people. Meditating, therefore, can bring many benefits for the body as well as for the mind. For instance, it increases relaxation can reduce stress.

Yoga is not a religion but a way of life. The Indian Embassy is organizing yoga activities all around the world. It is also an effective way of promoting cultural understanding and enhance India’s soft power towards other countries.

As a system of philosophy and spiritual discipline, yoga evolved from a body of literature known as the Veda. “Veda” means “knowledge,” and in the Indian mind and heart the Veda holds the same sacred place that the Bible holds in the West. Yoga is an entrance gate to India's culture. When foreigners participate in Yoga workshops, they not only practice Yoga but they get access to Indian food, dance, music and also sale of Indian clothes and accessories that has been always been organized as part of the International Yoga Day celebrations.

Since its official launching in 2014 and the support of the United Nations, the International Yoga day has seen the participation of thousands of people from different backgrounds, and it has confirmed itself as another precious tool to increase cultural diplomacy practices among different countries.


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