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In the Zone of War: Mathias Enard, Luke Bärfuss and Michael Kleeberg in Conversation, Moderated by Barbara Wahlster.

May 02nd, 2014

News from Berlin. On  of April 28th  the French writer Mathias Enard presented his novel "Zones" at the Deutsches Theater Berlin. It is a modern version of the Iliad set in the 20th century (translated into German in 2010 by Holger Fock and Sabine Müller), in which he represents the violent era. However, at the end of the 20th century the era of violence is far from over. Examples are the wars in Syria, Iraq and on the African continent.

What can literature do in the face of such violence? How can it be represented by literary means? And what is the specific power of literature - in view of the fact that we are the actors of history, subjects and objects, victims and perpetrators at the same time? This conference was held by Mathias Enard with the Swiss author Lukas Bärfuss (author of "One Hundred Days") and the German writer Michael Kleeberg (author of “The American Hospital”).

It was an event sponsored by the Swiss embassy and organized by the DAAD Berlin Artists Program and the Deutsches Theater in Berlin in collaboration with the Bureau du Livre of the French Embassy.

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