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Implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The Franco-German Cooperation Came Together to Talk About the Application of the Climate Agreement in the Energy Sector

June 09th, 2016

On the 14th of June 2016, at the German embassy, the Franco-German cooperation offers the opportunity for an exchange of views on strategies, innovations, business models, financing for the implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.​

In December 2015, the ministers and representatives from 195 countries and also from the European Union reached a historic turning point: a treaty enabled to combat climate change has been agreed upon and for the first time ever, every country recognized the risk of global warming and the need for a collective response. The agreement has a very ambitious goal: to contain the increase of the temperature and ensuring that the emission of greenhouse gasses is kept below two degrees, in order to constraint the effects of global warming.

Promoters of such an objective have been the representatives of small isles and other countries vulnerable to climate change, for those a small temperature variation could be problematic. The Paris deal is certainly a starting point which will not come into force before 2020, which is when at least 55 parties, responsible for at least 55% of the greenhouse gasses emissions, have ratified the agreement.

Details of the schedule will follow soon. The conference will be in English and a contribution of 150 euros is foreseen. Please, send your confirmation at the following link,


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