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Ilanga Festival in Hamburg for the 4th time

A festival celebrating Nelson Mandela’s rainbow vision of the nation

July 13th, 2017
Ioana Bolboacă, News from Berlin
2017_07_13 IIanga Festival in Hamburg.jpg

On July 22nd, Hamburg’s South African community and friends are organizing a festival showcasing South Africa’s diversity and artistic creativity at Musikpavillion Planten un Blomen. It will take place four days after the Nelson Mandela International Day.

Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated annually on the 18th of July since 2009, being initiated by the call of the UN General Assembly. It is a global movement to honor his life and to work together to change the world for the better. In this context, Ilanga Festival comes to reinforce the struggle for peace, acceptance and harmony among people.

Inspired by Mandela’s vision, this festival will start with the traditional African drum call presented by Dumisani Mabaso and Thando Walbaum. The multicultural atmosphere will be enlivened by various types of music and different singers, some of them being known for their international fame, such as Max-Hoba.

This year, there will be once again a large forum for institutions dedicated to fugitives, human rights, children in need and environmental justice. As always, the people can make donations for the Institute for Healing of Memories in Cape Town. Moreover, the honorary frame will be represented by the Zimbabwean women’s rights activist Nomazulu Thata, as well as by the NGO Masifunde and the Global Network Organization CITIZEN of the World.

Thus, Ilanga Festival aims to prolong Nelson Mandela’s celebration and principles as long as possible, making people more aware, inspiring them to take action and change. It is the time and place where Mandela’s words are put in action: "To be free means not only to solve your own fetters, but to lead a life that also respects the freedom of others".

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