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IFA Invites to the Lecture "The Future in the Contemporary"

July 15th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Berlin was elated last night when Germany claimed their forth World Cup trophy in Brazil. The winners beat Argentina in a fiercely contested battle 1-0, with Mario Gotze netting an incredible goal seemingly out of nowhere in extra-time after the sides were deadlocked 0-0 in regular time.

Germans were absolutely ecstatic after seeing their side clinch the title against the same team they beat to win their last World Cup 24 years ago. The streets were packed with people with fireworks and flares until the early hours of the morning, with an atmosphere of genuine relief to see their side which has so often reached the latter stages of the tournament, hold their nerve under pressure and win the tournament.

The tournament winners will head to Berlin on Tuesday for a street parade so supporters can celebrate with the team along the famous ‘Fan Mile’ from Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessaule.

The celebration of Germany’s victory in Berlin is an excellent illustration of cultural harmony where members of dozens of different cultures were united under the German flag to witness the historic victory. Berlin boasts a uniquely rich diversity of cultures; the World Cup and its associated values of respect, fair play and tolerance are something all counties should strive towards.

This is especially true in light of growing immigration that stems from the increasingly globalised world we live in today, where cultural integration is the top of the agenda for many European governments. Germany’s World Cup victory was not only a great victory for the team, but also for the nation where members of different cultures put aside their differences and were united as one in celebration.

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54, 74, 90, 2014: Deutschland ist gestern abend in der Verlängerung durch den erlösenden Torschuss von Mario Götze in 113. Minute zum 4. Mal Fußball-Weltmeister geworden ! Gratulation an das DFB-Team !