“Humboldt in Amerika”

Exhibition dedicated to Humboldt at the Embassy of Mexico in Berlin

July 16th, 2019
Álvaro Abadía Verdú, News from Berlin
20190716_Humboldt in Amerika.jpg

The Cultural Institute of Mexico has organized in cooperation with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs the exhibition “Humboldt in Amerika”.

The Cultural Institute of Germany was founded in 2018 as an instrument to foster intercultural dialogue and boost relations between Germany and Mexico, seeking direct and active participation with the Mexican local community through the organization of a wide range of cultural and educational events and activities. In a few words, it was designed as a space for dissemination and promotion of the diverse manifestations of Mexican art and traditions in Germany.

The Institute has become a platform that has supported new generations of artists from the Mexican community living in Germany. In addition, it has been able to identify the specific cultural trends that strengthen Mexico’s image in the country, which has led to many collaborations with cultural institutions all over Germany.

One of these collaborations is the exhibition “Humboldt in Amerika”, a collection of works made by the famous comic illustrator Özi, which we can enjoy at the Embassy of Mexico in Berlin. This artist, born in Bonn, has worked for various German governmental institutions such as the German Academic Exchange Service or the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this exhibition, Özi tells us the most relevant stories that took place during Humboldt’s voyages to Latin America. The exhibition has 20 different panels of illustrations which are accompanied by informative texts in both Spanish and German. It can be visited until the 30th of August.


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