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Howard Hawks: Retrospective

January 20th, 2014

Hollywood Classics at the Arsenal Filmhaus

Howard Hawks famous classics and lesser known films will be shown featuring almost all genres from the time period.


News from Berlin. Arsenal Filmhaus is hosting a retrospective look at Howard Hawks’ filmography. The director is world famous for his fast-paced thrillers, dark humor and the tension he managed to create in his movies. During almost 5 decades of work Hawks filmed in hits in a large variety of genres, ranging from thrillers to comedies. His biggest hits, along with some less known titles are featured in this retrospective. The movies “Fazil” and “Red River” will be screened on the 26th and the 30th of January respectively. “The Dawn Patrol” and “Road to Glory” will both be shown on the 25th. If you fancy an evening of classic Hollywood film be sure to check out one of Hawks’ master pieces.

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The warm and cozy tents, perfect for the icy cold Berlin winter, will host reading from 35 authors. These readings will all be centered on the topic “How we became what we are.” Primary and preschool students will have a chance to enjoy the readings on Thursday and Friday afternoon, while Friday night will be reserved for the presentation of debut novels by different authors.

Due to the limited capacity of the yurts people are required to make reservations. So, if seeking refuge from the cold in a traditional Mongolian tent, while listening to some great literature sounds appealing to you, make sure you plan in advance.

For more information check: http://www.salonkultur.de/

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