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Hostility and Reconciliation

March 17th, 2014
Danish-German-Border (2).jpg

The Danish Parliament has organized an arts exhibition concerning the Danish-German border and its development beginning in 1864 until present. It is still accessible until March 22 and is supposed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Danish-German war in 1864.

The bilingual exhibition shows the diverse background of the war and furthermore the development of the German-Danish border region since the conflict. The concept is also concerned with the two minorities of Nord- and Südschleswig, who were divided with the land in 1920. Therefore their role in the German-Danish relationship is crucial.

The exhibition covers several conventional, but also interactive methods to make the history comprehensive. Besides posters and images there will also be tablets that support the message.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Danish embassy and the museum Südjütland.