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"Homenaje a Chile": Bringing the Chilean Spirit to Berlin

Alejandro DeCinti and Oscar Villalón will present the work of 60 different artists in an exhibition hosted by the Embassy of Chile in Berlin

June 03rd, 2016

It has been six years since the embassies of Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela organised a common short film evening. The main goal of the project is to encourage the discussion of social issues facing these countries. This year film productions were selected from among every part of the community – representing the joyful, the painful and the complicated aspects life.

In 2009 DeCinti and Villalón decided to begin a project with artists from around the world, focusing on their home country, Chile. With this in mind, they brought together sixty different artists of differing ages. They began a collective tribute in order to illustrate the spirit of Chilean culture and also the different perceptions of it. The result is the aforementioned exhibition, representing the work of talented artists, giving them the opportunity to express, from their own perspective, what Chile inspires them to create.

Using different techniques, artists such as Johana Ruiz Vera, Marisol de la Plaza, Puri Verde and Arturo Maldonado have contributed to one of the most stimulating exhibitions that the Embassy has hosted to date. As is stated on the website of DeCinti and Villalón, this exhibition is an active way to promote a better understanding of Chile and to reveal various aspects of its landscape, culture, people and history.

In addition, DeCinti and Villalón will be present at the opening of the exhibition and will soon be presenting their own work in the international art fair, NordArt, in Büdelsdorf.

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