“Home as Tourist”

Exhibition of a “3rd World Soul in a 1st World Pandemonium” by Thabo Thindi

July 11th, 2017
Nadine Dinh, News from Berlin
2017_07_11 Thindi.jpg

The South African indie photographer and filmmaker, Thabo Thindi exhibits his new artwork at the gallery Einundzwanzigzwölf in Berlin from 24th of June to the 22nd of July.

In this exhibition the South African artist presents three different topics in which he shows the numerous issues that touched his country, as social change, social justice and the role as an artist linked to the question of exile and migration.

The first one is a series of interviews entitled “Exile Faces” in which he tried to portray the South African of his parent’s generation. He talked about the apartheid rebellions and the force into exile of many.

The second is a series of photographs entitled “A 3rd World Soul in a 1st World Pandemonium”, where he documents himself on his days through the streets of Berlin.

The third one is also a series of photographs called “Home as Tourist,” in which he addressed the feeling of having become a foreigner in South Africa and the term of “home”.

This exhibition shows different topics in which we can all relate, cultural change is always a complicated subject and Thabo Thindi tried to express his feelings about it through his artworks. Being part of two countries can give strength but also raise a lot of questions. It is an exhibition in where you learn to understand the changes, one which gives but also receives from other cultures.

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