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Holi Gaudy, Color Your Day! - Berlin

May 09th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On May 3rd, Europe’s big Holi Festival Tour 2014 took place at the Central Fairground in Berlin.

The main idea of the HOLI GAUDY event is to celebrate freedom and equality with thousands of people together, to forget worries and burdens. There were eight successful Holi festivals last year, but this time it was something bigger, an event organized in more than 30 European cities: The “Europe’s Big Holi - Festival Tour 2014”.

The tour started on May 1st and it will stop in cities such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Mannheim or Frankfurt. On the way from the northernmost Festival in Copenhagen (DK) to Bolzano (Italy), from The Hague to Zurich, it will be in numerous cities to celebrate the color’s explosion. All dates can be found on http://holi-gaudy.com.

“Holi” comes from India and it is an event celebrated mainly in the north of the country during the spring. It is also called "Phagwah" or "Dol Yatra".

It consists in the "target" all men with colored powder, the 'gulal' and colored water; the caste, as gender or status, plays no role in this day. It is absolutely one of the oldest and certainly the most colorful festival in the world. The next date in India is the 03.17.2014.

“Gaudy” comes from English and means gaudy, colorful, flashy and ostentatious.

You can buy your online ticket here: http://bit.ly/1gzh3zV.

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