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History Campus Berlin: History Simulation Game for European Youth

May 08th, 2014
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News from Berlin - A very interesting event of historic and political nature will take place from May 7th to 11th in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, organized by History Campus Berlin. The aim of the event is for young people across Europe to come together and renegotiate selected parts of the post-World War One Paris Treaties within a simulation game framework.

Each one of the young participants will play one member of the delegation of the powers that participated in the Treaty negotiations. The first step of the process is the bargaining between the powers, which is reconstructed and reconsidered under historical specifications. The second part, the so-called “Versailles Revisited”, is a more interactive process with the present European developments taking place.

This means that the experiences of history from a current perspective will also be included and considered in the negotiations of the Treaty. Therefore, this complex game will result in “New Contracts” in the negotiations between the participants and make them think about the past, present and future of the European powers in innovative ways.

The simulation-negotiation game will also be accompanied by a documentary film and contribution to the exhibition ‘The Great Illusion-Central Europe During the First World War’ which takes place from June 27th in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. For more information please visit

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