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Hispanic Scholars Reflect on Literature at the Spanish Embassy

October 27th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The study of the Spanish and the Hispano-American culture is important to reflect on the cultural expressions of this big community. In order to promote the work of the Hispanic scholars, the Embassy of Spain has hosted a Meeting of Hispanic Scholars (Reunión de Hispanistas) on October the 23rd and 24th. This meeting takes place every two years and is organized by the Spanish Cooperation (Cooperación Española).

The program gathers around thirty scholars from the most important universities of Germany. The Hispanic scholars were discussing on the present and the future of the Hispanic philology. This event was organized against the backdrop of the cultural activities that include the visit to the exhibition Back to the Future, an exhibition that reflects on the crisis. Furthermore, on the first day, there was a concert by “El capricho de Rita” at the auditorium. The band plays from the classics of flamenco or the Andalusian “copla” to the recurring themes of traditional Spanish folk music. “El Capricho de Rita” mingled the rhythms of jazz, Latin and Afro-American music. It is a new Berlin-based Spanish band that combines old with new.

Moreover, on October 24th, the 2013 Translation Award of the Spanish Embassy (Premio de Traducción de la Embajada de España 2013) will be delivered to Willy Zurbrüggen and Kristin Lohmann, winners in the Professional and Novel categories, respectively.

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